stolen content. Count TO 10 waiay before sending angry emails/ posts IF born witilver foot IN your mouth. So I added some pictures now from Hollywood,.v, youtube, sex and the city, all those assholes, now youve got an eyeful, 7 Im gonna make my point that why them not. I dont know, anyway 120s not bad, its more than Im used to, its gone up like. Points at glass window oh shit, theyre gonna think Im videoing them the casino! Look forward to m its gonna be nasty no uh its gonna be everything it should be because life is unfair enough 7 I dont need you to make it less fair okay?

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As of 2017s digital stone age, almost all social media video hosting sites are corrupt klepto con clouds, have no credibility or integrity, no pagination to hide steal content no accurate viewcounters, to oligopolize, belittle   marginalize competition  make you pay for inconsequential. old photos, old ones, I bought them a few years ago just for fun, now Im looking Im like what does it say, you know. Disclaimer: factual honest personal thoughts, feelings info which to the best of our knowledge are true, subject not/to change with/out notice. What film was that? So youtube lied cheated and stole libeled defamed, Im gonna start all the videos that way so its the opening theme to my life, cause thats what happened, 13,000 videos they stole, which took years to upload tens, probably. Im not just gonna put vimeo shit coz then they can just go there, vemeo sucks anyway no pagnation, monetization, inaccurate viewcounters. Disclaimer: m has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography. Gotta look into that, so anyway ok Geo Godley Sunday 20thmay 2018 5:12pm Hyde Park London England just a little update to keep my website going, just gonna do some main points, nothing major, its Sunday. PornTube is a registered trademark of Tenza Trading Ltd.

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No but my citys the 2nd largest, ovdiv -yea, youre good! Loss of nolife 4 exposure satisfaction that youtlube monlolpoly cant cuntrol all, if they could they would, the bastards. Bus traffic blows noise pollution shoulda chosen a quiet street. I might have to redo my monolog cause I think it was distorted I might put it up distorted anyway. I take it you nor your lawyer want any financial assistance from me in my class action lawsuit /or activism against youtube, who wrongfully terminated stole 13,000 GeorgeGodley GeoGodley Fullscreen contract videos. What do you expect? Yes Virginia Nasime AghDamn, there is a santa closure after getting fcuked by youLube. Live here, facebook live fraud? You do NOT have followers.